Tidal is a so called “mini language”, designed to live-code strange musical patterns. At the Tumblr 365 Tidal Patterns one code- and sound-example is posted every day. This is something for code and sound gourmets! Read more about Tidal at the TopLap live-code fortress.

d1 $ iter 8 $ slowspread ($) [chop 4, rev, (|+| speed "0.5") . slow 2, id, trunc 0.25, jux (|+| speed "1.1"), id] $ stack [ within (0.25, 0.75) (every 3 (rev . slow 2 . stut 8 0.4 0.2)) $ whenmod 5 3 (degradeBy 0.6) $ sound (samples “grunt*16″ (run 11)) |+| end “0.05” |+| speed “2”, sound “~ kv*2 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”, sound “~ ~ shard:16 ~”, sound “~ ~ ~ sdeep*4″ |+| speed (whenmod 6 5 ((*0.5) <$>) “5”), sound (samples “~ ~ ~ b/2 ~ b/5 ~ b/3″ (run 328)) |+| cut “3”, density 2 $ sound (samples “{hh*2 ~ [~ dup] [~ dup] ~}%4″ “10”) |+| speed “2”, slow 2 $ trunc 0.5 $ (striate 16 $ sound “fxlong:9″) |+| speed “[0.75 0.5 1]/4″ |+| gain “0.85” ]

Code Example 350 from 365 Tidal Patterns.

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Korg’s new masterpiece when it comes to putting out the right product in the right look to the right price at the right moment. We just thought, that the Volca-series was more or less “over” – and suddenly this neat looking sampler is coming to us in winter 2014. Ah, one notice. You can’t directly sample with this one. But there is a iOS-app, that lets the transfer sounds to the hardware. So only a 0.75-sampler. The second drawback might be the low sample rate of only 31.25kHZ, 16-bit sampling.


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See it on pouet.net. Please download the demo, the original soundfile is included!

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I am currenty evaluating “Syncthing” – the first open source implementation of the a decentralized file-sync system. Imaging it like Dropbox or BitTorrent Sync. This thing is an open source project, so you can peer into the source-code and compile it yourself. Since file-syncing is a part of the internet-infrstructure, I think it is really important to have this one open source!

The first test of Syncthing was successful and I can encourage everyone to try this out and have an eye at this project.

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Hey, you want to check out this spacey-themed game, called “Futuridium“. It is instant fun, has got a neat futuristic design, a notable cool style, uplifting music – and it is a game that is hard. (Did you notice? We face a revival of hard games again. I guess also Flappy Bird did its part to this revival as well…)

The experts will notice, that this game is actually a remake of the good old game Uridium.

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Cyril is a new tool, that enables you to live-code visuals. It is based upon OpenFrameworks, has its own, easy to learn syntax and it’s still early in development. I will definitely keep my eye on this.

Somehow I disliked most of “the other” live-coding tools like Fluxus or Overtone, because of the cumbersome syntax of the scheme/lisp-derivates.

PS: Did I mention, that I work on an own live-coding tool in Ruby with PureData as backend? Check out SuperSonic (still alpha) and get updates at my Nodepond-blog.

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Level” is an album from Disasterpeace from 2008 I almost overlooked. The sound is rough, but well thought-out, reminding me most of the time of soundtracks of MegaDrive games or the 16-bit era in general. Moody, opulent, but always with that extra-dash of Disasterpeace’s genius.

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