What would be the web, if an fresh idea you had would not been already realised by someone else? Welcome Tweetcoding! This is a little contest, where you have to “code in 140 characters or less” of ActionScript-code in order to fill an Flash-applet with life. The first round was already finished with some very decent results.

g.clear();a=mouseX;b=mouseY;c=++i%8/8+10;d=(i&8)<<4; for(j=64;j--;){ls(c*=1.1,d-=0x50580); g.drawCircle(a=5+a-a/50+s(i/16),b=5+b-b/50,c)}
Tweetcoding-Winner piXelero. Check out the result.

Where to start or go to from there?

Last not least thanks to DjMike for this hot hint! Somethin' somewhat similar is Tweet-A-Sound for MAX/MSP-users.

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  1. djmike said:

    you’re very welcome! ;)

  2. joey said:

    also Andy Best has done processing sketches in a tweet here: