Fantastic new chip-music magazine. The name is hard to remember: STFUAJPGM. But the music will last. The focus is set on freely distributed music within the chiptune community. The first episode features a selection of precious chip-tunes and small interviews as well. Keep an eye on it. It will be worth it!

PS: The first track from Shnabubula in the first episode seems to be obviously inspired by the ancestors of Tetris music. For a deeper background, watch this video, and also follow the links in the description of the video (on YouTube), for example this one. Thank you guys so much for this great stuff!

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  1. Yu-Chung said:

    I’m trying to dissect the name in order to better remember it. STFU is clearly shut the fuck up. A is probably And. JP I can’t figure out. GM could be Good Music or Game Music.

    Any ideas?

  2. 020200 said:

    Hm.. A good question. Maybe I will come back to this later.

  3. Peter said:

    STFU… and Just Play Game Music?

  4. Yu-Chung said:

    of course! *d’uh*

  5. STFUAJPGM said:

    Peter got it right!

  6. 020200 said:

    Ah thanks, I also did a little bit of research there: ;)

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