Yesterday I came upon the website of a hacker-legend: John T. Draper aka Capt’n Crunch, who did Phone Phreaking in the 60ies and 70ies. One of the real ancestors of what we nowadays call “hacking”. He linked a documentary about the early days and the development of hacking.

Let’s name the “Homebrew Computer Club” as one of the (of not the) first hacker-space ever made, that led to a highly influential movement within the computer-market. Steve Wozniak was part of that hacker-space and he is really embracing the hackers way of thinking. At him we see, that this don’t must develop into illegal kinds of activities, but let to a highly influential company, we still now today under the name Apple.

Hacker-Spaces are still relevant, if not much important now, than in the past. The documentary gives a good insight into meaning, methodology and cultural impact of the hackers-movement.

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  2. jcubic said:

    Do you know the director/producer/release date of this movie?

  3. 020200 said:

    Well, no. Unfortunately do not have the time at the moment, to do research after this.