Okay, I once made a homebrew pixeleditor called Smoove for Sony PSP and an unfinished one for the Nintendo DS. Today I discovered this pixeleditor for the iPhone, called 32×32. It looks very interesting. It features only 32×32 pixels and grayscale 5-colors palette. The usability aspects of doing pixels on the go seem to be solved in an elegant way. Just see for yourself:

The app should be available at the iPhone app store in some weeks. The price will be about 0.99 cent. (via)

Blog - Date published: July 7, 2009 | 6 Comments

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  2. peter said:

    ooh that looks nice.. also any mirrors for the psp app? The dl link seems broken..

  3. 020200 said:

    Thanks Peter for making me sweat! Until I fix the subdomain, you will get the mirror of my Smoove PSP here: http://digitaltools.node3000.com/downloads/smoove/

  4. peter said:

    Thanks! This will make a long busride this weekend that much better!

  5. 020200 said:

    @peter: Glad, I made you happy. Feel free to upload and submit the artworks you made with it somewhere.

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