Just show me just one single person, who does not love the Samorost-series, made by Amanita design? Now he came up with new work, that is as charming as Samorost. Machinarium takes you into a magical, magical place, where you have to click on the right objects in the right order to make things happen. The music alone grabs your hand and takes you to an epic journey. Combined with the extremely-solid graphic… jackpot!

Machinarium will be released in October 2009 and will cost about 20 dollars. Pre-orders get a 3 dollar discount bonus. Let’s hope that the ratio between free / paid content is much more balanced than on Samorost 2. Uhm, will there be actually a free version after all?

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  1. Alex said:

    > will there be actually a free version after all?

    Quoting Machinarium creator Jakub Dvorsky:
    “yes free demo will be available at our website once the game is released. it will be playable in web browser without installation. it will be also possible to download and install demo version which will have all the features like the full game which won’t be present in web version (full resolution, save & load etc.)”

  2. I remember playing the first game. If you compare Samorost 1 & 2 and this brandnew game, it’s incredible how Amanita design evolved. Wonderful graphics! Looks like a lot of work.

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