Over at the Flixel-board good thing are happening ultra-fast and in a reliable quality. Flixel is only some weeks out (read interview with Adam who did Flixel), but the community flourishing.

One of the highlights is FLAN, a tile map editor especially made for Flixel. This tool is still in alpha-version, but also proceeding ultra fast. It is free for personal use, but if you use it professionally, it is available for a really nice price below 10 dollars (read about software-pricing here).


Nitram-Cero, who wrote Flan, made a neat micro-game to promote his effort and show off some features. It is a mini-narrative and feature some very lovely wacky motion of the player-character. Play it here.

Blog - Date published: August 10, 2009 | 4 Comments

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  1. Nitram said:

    Hey, thanks for the press! You rule!

  2. 020200 said:

    Well, no. I am basically enjoying it. ;)

  3. Nitram said:

    Alpha 4 with sprite support (experimental) has been released! Just letting you know.


  4. 020200 said:

    Oh, I just seen it at the forum. Will try it this week. Thanks a lot! (Oh, I am user scnclr at the flixel forum btw.)