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Serein-logo new

We remember: Serein searched for designers, in order to give the label a new spin into a new direction. Now they are there and finished. And I do not know what to say about the results. First: The logo is much more readable. That’s a good point, because the old logo could be confused with “Boroin” or something like that. So thumbs up for better communication.

The relaunch of the website somehow looks a little bloodless for me. Sorry, but I have to say so. A little bit like preset-skin-action over a wordpress, but maybe there will be coming more. It is decent, yes. But, hm. Well. Clear, but fast to forget. Let’s wait for the future. It seems that they are also planning some business-modelling, also combined with community-driven stuff. Or how would you interpret this line?

We will no longer offer all our music for free download, but for those willing to invest some time in the project, free downloads and other assorted good-stuff will become available over time.

Anyway, they announced a new EP from Nest, and this are extremely good news! The first EP from Nest was simply the best piece of netmusic ever released! Read more about the future of the label here.

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