Update: This is going to become a neverending story. Apple rejected the app again, after some user figured out, how to hack into the BASIC-interpreter via the iPhone-user-interface. After fixing this “bug” developers at Manomio re-submitted the app again – hopefully praying to get the approval once again…

C64 iPhone Emulator

Good news. The official C64-emulator for the iPhone was released! The guys had a hard time to get approval of this app on the iTunes-Store (read here about more backgrounds).

The official news are: “After months of work and two formal rejections, we’ve worked directly with Apple to make the necessary changes to bring back one of the best selling computers of all time.”

The emulator comes with the games Dragons Den, Le Mans, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck and Jack Attack and is available for 3,99 EUR. [Direct iTunes-Link] Bad news are, that now only official approved games will be able to load on the emulator. If you have a request for acertain game or program, that should be licenced, here you can send the request to the developers.

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