The Makezine has a neat project in the recent issue, that triggers my heart with the Atari-beat: so cool, it almost hurts! Unfortunately I did not get any issue of this magazine here in Germany yet, but it looks like you can build this thing on your own. The according project-site on the Makezine delivers the schematics for building this, as well as a program-file download to upload this on any microcontroller. Homebrew to take away, if you like.

This box was designed and developed by the people over at Uncommon Projects. They have very interesting projects on their site, so be sure to visit it. I was wondering if there is a market for things like that. Retro-nostalgia hardware, that is free from hassle and remain at the roots of cool stuff. The success from the Macintosh was also based on take-away versus to assemble at home. Maybe this wonder will happen again?

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