Wow, this posting at Edmunds Dev Blog is something very delicious for game- and level-designers, as well as lover for the game “Time Fcuk“. Edmund reflects the game-creation process, and tells some facts and stories about the game. Time Fcuk was played over 3.5 million times, alone 1 million times at Over 7.000 user-generated levels were made for this extraordinary game. So in total: sounding like a huge success. And here comes a little bit of eye-candy for people, who enjoy levels not just playing, but also in static form: so colors, forms, shapes and that sort of things:



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  1. […] the levels exquisite. The story and the characters all lovely. I also sense a good amount of “Time Fcuk“, for example in the gameplay itself. Simply the best game I’ve seen so far in 2010. […]