Clément aka Pikilipita wrote me a mail about his new VJ software. Last time we had a feature about Pikilipita VJ for the DS, now he finished PS24VJ (read: Playstation 2 for Video Jockey). He took somehow an inspiration of the Digital Tools header-graphic to illustrate some of his characters. Call it remix, call it sampling or call it homage, but I am pleased, that Clement used some screenie of the Digital Tools header to make and support his own work of art. And just because he is like me into colors, homebrew and stuff like that, I feel very comfortable about this. Check out his work!

PS24VJ is a VJ software running on the Sony Playstation 2 video game system which features most classic VJ softwares options. Leave your laptop home and just take your PS2 with you when going to perform a gig! Invite a VJ to join you on for a jam: PS24VJ can be controlled by two VJ simultaneously!

You will need a Playstation 2, a PC with some recent Windows OS and Quicktime 7.5, Swap Magic 2.6 and DVD, as well as a USB memory stick. Your graphic and video files will then be converted into a format with the funny name “Kouky video format“, he developed himself.

He also setup an interesting kind of “business model” for his homebrewed application. You can get a copy of the software if you donate any amount of money. It can be less, but it can also be more – you choose! He told me, that donations so far were between 30 and 100 Euros so far. This is a somehow pleasing way, transforming the good old idea of shareware into the present. Why not spending Clément some bucks for his coffee and the effort he made, while you are adding some aesthetic value to your VJ sets and most of all your hanging around at home for pleasure?


A demonstration video of PS24VJ is available here.

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  1. Pete said:

    Nice one. I love pikilipata but haven’t got a ps2 for this one :(

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