Take Metroid and old C64-games and mix them all together to an addictive and emotional blend: voila! Then you have an idea of the Flashgame: VVVVVV. The members of the spaceship-crew were lost after an accident and your mission is, to get them all together again. Addictive stuff, be sure, I warned you! They receive extrapoints for a decent sounddesign (plays well with the graphics) and the catchy tune in the backround. (via)

Edit: The longer I play, the better it gets. The music is absolutely brilliant, the levels exquisite. The story and the characters all lovely. I also sense a good amount of “Time Fcuk“, for example in the gameplay itself. Simply the best game I’ve seen so far in 2010. All thumbs better all fingers up for this tiny great game! Made by distractioware, music by Magnus Palsson.

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  1. Reagan said:

    Ahhh this is really cool! (and addictive, like you said). That level in the screenshot, trying to get down that bottom left side. It took me a while to work that out… Then it comes to mind and you think “gahhh why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

    So far I have rescued two crewman.

  2. sylvainulg said:

    completed. Terrific game.

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