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I recently found this cool Spectrum ZX fan website, with lots of content about the Spectrum ZX. This small homecomputer was quite successful in the early 80ies, and still today, we can learn something meaningful from it. For example “achieving more with less“.

Look at this gallery-page. It contains pictures from artists, mainly from Russia, Slovenia, Poland – some are very well executed. Due to the limited palette of the ZX (and the strange colors as well), the paintings strongly concentrate on lighting, instead of pure form or textures. Also look at this game-screenshots. Some gaming scene are made by one color + black! Totally pragmatic and ill looking as well. Definitely like it! (via)

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  1. goto80 said:

    nice, thanks for that!

    fyi, i think you might want to change spectrum zx into zx spectrum. but then again, maybe not. :)