Today the game “Kovoclak [PlayState entry]” for iPhone / iPod Touch was released. It is the first game from the indies caou.org, a “small development studio from Europe” with the focus in “games for touch screens“. For Kovoclak Mouky teamed up with with the French artist Lingouf, who provided the artworks and the music for the game. And this game captured my heart in record time – I can highly recommend it.

You play Kovoclak, a “businessman dealing with polluting companies”. He has a big clean-up duty to achieve. So somehow an eco-game if you like. You must find your way through all this dirty factories, avoiding robot rabbits, radioactive waste and other evils. You can move Kovoclak left and right. He cannot jump up, that’s why you have to move the platforms up and down to get your way through the levels. There are 50 levels in total, divided in 4 zones. The things that make this game so remarkable are the charming storytelling, the cute and funny graphics from Lingouf as well the well balanced music and sound-design. The intro alone with that straight industrial-techno-sound is definitely a must see. The depth does not come alone from the gameplay or the assets, but from the games as a whole. It feels dense and complete.

Unfortunately two things I absolutely miss:
1. This game should support mulit-touch! I tried so many times to move the player and move the platforms just at the same time!
2. The start-menu should show an option to watch the intro again, without the need to start a completely new game.

Maybe Cauo will make a update for that issues? Would be great! And here’s the gameplay video:


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