…but you have. Dinosaurs Didn’t Have Keyboards is a small platformer, with an experimental game mechanic. You move your dino with the keys 1-2-3-4 to move right, and 0-9-8-7 to move left. To jump you have to press 4 + 7 at the same time. This experiment consist of one level, that isn’t too hard. You have to make the time-record in running from start to goal. People can get very quick on the keys, and after a while the fingers really work physically on the keyboard. Best play it with friends!

The game was made by Sophie Houlden, who also did the Boxgame, that was unconventional and experimental in its nature, too. Cool stuff, she makes. Unfortunately made in Unity, that requires the Unity web-plug in. Wouldn’t it be at the time to completely move to Flash for compatibility-reasons for the next iterations of experimentation?
(via Superlevel)

Blog, Games - Date published: February 27, 2010 | 2 Comments

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  1. I don’t get what’s so “unfortunate” about installing the Unity web player. The way I see it, it’s as easy (and light) as installing the Flash player. Unless there are some BIG compatibility issues, which I’m honestly interested to hear about since I find Unity to be a great tool for fast experimentation and iteration.

    (Caveat: I’m one of those “non-programmer artist” who is currently learning how to use both Flash via Flixel and Unity. From what I’ve heard, HTML5 may make learning both things unnecessary in the future anyway…)

  2. 020200 said:

    Well, basically there is nothing bad about Unity. But for unknown reasons (for example) I have issues on Safari getting this this running. At Firefox this works like a charm. I think Flash is really “pick up and play” in the real sense of meaning, especially if you use “not your computer”.

    I definitely like tools like Flixel and Flash Punk for webbased games. html5, uhm, don’t know. I am not so optimistic about that, but let’s wait and see what it will bring.