Everyone is talking of Spore at the moment, right? Big thanks go to PostSpectacular, because they discovered this bonus-material. On the Spore-Website you can download a bunch of experimental prototypes, simulation and gameplay studies of Spore, that were made during the development (or should I better say during the evolution?) of the game.

Collect them all!

As you can read on the website:

Usually these prototypes are never seen by the public, but we thought some of the more intrepid players out there might enjoy playing around with a few of our early Spore prototypes. Keep in mind these are not tested, supported or even easily explained.

Well, yeah. We’d like to see, explore and play with this prototypes! Even if they are completely unsupported. In the end this studies may be much more interesting than the finished game itself.

You can download them for free and experiment with simulated systems till you “Eureka!” on them.

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