Try to catch the loop! Glenn Marshall made this beauty completely with processing. The forms and motions… Somehow I find it hard to grasp that whole thing and how the loop fits together. I think it is a very meditative one. Thank you for this work! I also recommend to watch the other works from Glenn Marshall.

A related Processing-work is the Weird Fishes video from Robert Hodgin.

Update: I just found out, that Glen used a self.developed system for his video, he calls “The Zeno”. Get more details about it here.

Blog - Date published: September 24, 2008 | 5 Comments

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  1. gr said:

    some call it beautiful some call it kitsch.

  2. Maybe you’re right. It depends on taste I would say. At least this is an interesting work, no matter what.

  3. It’s kind of ironic how the only truly (in a sense) organic part of this movie, namely the butterflies, are the only part of it that doesn’t feel organic. They are too static (in look) and jagged (in movements), whereas the rest of it feels completely natural and organic. It would do much better without them.

  4. alan said:

    Hmmm…it seems like the static nature of the butterflies was one of the things that made it…made it feel magical.

  5. […] Glenn Marshall once again hits the scene, this time in the iPhone. He uses generative art, to make an beautiful application “half screensaver, half machine”. The work is not finished, Glen says about Zio it in his blog: “I think I’m about 66% of the way there now.” […]