The netlabel Serein is looking for a talented designer, to brush the design of the netlabel and the artworks a little bit. The netlabel is one of the most beautiful and high quality at the moment, so any designer can be sure to be handled with respect.

Huw write in his newsletter about the mission:

This would mean helping me to develop a house style, and thereafter working with me to produce graphics for releases, as well as the possibility of producing designs for tangible goods. While I wouldn’t be able to offer any pay at this stage as you’re all probably well aware, Serein is a non-commercial venture. It could be a good opportunity for the right person to expand his/her portfolio whilst also working in conjunction with a team of creative people. Exposure would be an extra incentive here, with Serein receiving in access of 100 visitors a day at this time.

Last advice from me: Don’t change too much. I really love the silent Serein poetry style… and even ordered a shirt last year.

Artwork from Konntinent – All Lines Lead In

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