Neo-retro is cool without any doubt. And if there are helicopters involved, they are much more cooler. Take the first game Coptra, ready to play in the browser. In this scanline-styled game you have defend your helicopter against tanks, rockets and other, typical retro-like heavy armor. This sounds easy, but is not. Even surviving some seconds can be a challenging experience. You play with mouse and cursor-keys. Awesome! (via)


Party-Boat is like the title suggest with a little dose of humor in it. It is a 2009-game from messhof, where you play also a helicopter. Once again you have to survive rockets, that are fired from a military boat. The party aspect in this game: try to fly loopings with the heli to activate score multipliers. How cool is that?! The style is a little like 486-vintage PC. The soundtrack is scrammed, but also cool. Yay, let there fly helicopters!

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