Walk or Die Game
Scene from “Walk or Die”.

Jordan from NecessaryGames.com asked me, to point to a vacation-project called with the name “GameTrekking“, he plans to make. It will be about “world-travelling making games about it”. Jordan generally is interested in alternative ways of storytelling and experimental games and new forms of interaction. He released some interesting works at the NecessaryGames-site, for example the game “Walk or Die“, that is really minimal and conceptional.

For GameTrekking he wants to make a little world-travel and make games about the experiences at the vacation. The goal in mind: to support games as a narrative art. Each game should be released for free and also with the source code (let’s hope, that he will not use too esoteric programming languages like he partly did in the past…).

Learn all about the project at Gametrekking.com. Jordan searches supporters for GameTrekking-project at Kickstarter.

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