Yes, you want to come to Cologne tomorrow to visit and experience the Evoke 2010. Since the demoscene party “Breakpoint” last year closed its doors permanently, the Evoke is now the biggest demoscene-event in Germany. Expect enthusiastic artists, making cool stuff with their machineries. Expect a great party with lots of music and nice people. And experience some great compos on a really, really big screen with an awesome soundsystem.

Need more reasons? Sure, look at this video from the Breakpoint 2010 to understand, that sceners are not only good at programming, coding and composing, but that they also know how to party. Better not miss this event. In case you really can’t attend, follow the livestream at

Breakpoint 2010 Impressions

And this is the official invitation for the Evoke 2010:

PS: Sorry goes to the Platine-Cologne staff, who I forgot to announce. Nevertheless, exhibition and party was interesting and intense.

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