Unfortunately making games is much, much work. Execution takes for more time, that having great ideas. But if you ever stuck on having cool ideas (for example at one of the “make a game as fast-as-you-can” events), let’s use this tool! With the game idea generator you can generate hundreds of cool game ideas in no time: Just press the button for having another one! Why not make a “calm, music game combined with sports game, set in space.” Or go with “ugly, boring, adventure game combined with FPS, set in a slum”? Hard choice..

Wow, I can feel the creativity floating around here and there suddenly now! I don’t know, who came up with this idea first, but following this thread at the cocos2d-forum and the Streamingcolour-generator, this thing was inspired by the Creative Unblock generator and made first by Streamingcolour. Struct made a similar one, that seems to be a rewrite of a flash-based version, he made two years ago. (Thanks Nico for the hint.)

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