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Just in case that you missed this app: don’t miss this app! It’s the newest artistic approach from Björk, who decided to walk new ways once again. Not only musical, but also in the format of choice: The new album “Biophilia” comes as a whole iOS app (so iPhone, iPod and iPad). It tells a story about the universe, the creation of it and is very strange and unique. The app itself is something like a 3d-browsable small universe, where you can visit stars and planets that represent the single tracks from the album.

But there is more to it! Every track has lots of information like lyrics, background text, a visual music score with lyrics (!) and also a music score of each single track to play along (!!). On top, there will be a special-made mini-game or interactive animation for each single track. The app comes with one initial track for free. All other tracks will be available by in-app purchases. There is the option to pre-order all tracks and mini-games for 7.99 Euro as in-app purchase.

bjoerk iphone

bjoerk biophilia minigame

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