The Monome controller is a good example and shows a little, how the electronic music has become today: unlabeled, ephemeral, multi-functional and everything you want to make and do, you have to have in your head. At least, the impression of this controller is magic, a little bit like the music itself, that spills out of the boxes.

(via Create Digital Music, thanks!)

Blog - Date published: January 11, 2009 | 4 Comments

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  1. So basically a bigger but less sexy Tenori-On?

  2. Yes, the Tenori-on. A class of its own, but unfortunatelly also with its own limitations. And of course its own sound-processor.

  3. […] Flash-Audio guru Andre Michelle, the very creator of the Hobnox-audiotools, made a new soundtoy! The ToneMatrix is a simple sinewave-synth, that is visually and conceptional similar to the Tenori-On or the Monome. […]

  4. […] – Matrix and audio you say? There are more things like this around lately. Check out ToneMatrix, Monome, Inudge or […]