Frequon Invaders 2.0 Ingame

Well, Frequon Invaders is different. It is something, that would not come out of a normal game-designers head without going through deep fundamentals of complex math. It is experimental gameplay in the deep sense of meaning of the term “experimental”. And it seems, that the game popped out of the head of a mathematician. So, how is the gameplay like?

You are your”self”, represented by a circle, controlled by mouse. Your aim is to catch “Frequons” on a psychedelic colored playfield. But… you can’t see them. There are several visual clues that will help you finding the “Frequons”. The game makes use of Fourier Analysis and complex patterns and derive the gameplay from it. The display shows your”self” and any launched Frequons in this Fourier Domain, where they become wave patterns. If you do not understand anything, than it’s pretty fine. Me was too.

Now, what you actually have to do in the game, looks like this: Move around your cursor with the mouse, while the psychedelic color pattern changes. The “Frequons” are hiding, but you come close to them, if the “pits” in the background-patters get larger (or lesser) and darker. You will search for places, where the pattern gets more simple. If you are near them, they show up until you hit them.. and the Frequon disappears. Some Freqons are also moving arcoss the playfield and in later levels the patterns are getting more weired, while up to four Freqons at the same time appear on screen. The pattern in the background is always a calculation of the Fourier field, the Frequons and your self. Once again: this is the first game, that plays on the 2 dimensional Fourier Space!

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