The finalists for the Independent Games Festival student awards have been announced. There are also two contributions from Germany: Where is my heart and Zeit2. But my attention fell to this two games, that look fresh and interesting:

City Rain

This is some kind of Sim City meets Tetris meets hints and thoughts on sustainable city-development. Go to the website.


Dark, moody and with a dense atmosphere and astounding graphics – this is what Feist is about. It is a mixture of platformer and adventure. Go to the website.

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  1. […] An interesting design detail can be found on the lofi-platformer “You probably won’t make it“. Each level features only one single screen. The game keeps on suggesting, it is a “brutal hard” game. In order to reach the goal, you have to make use of double-jumps, avoid the “needles” and reach the goal. Well, if you loose a life, than the blood of your death and – this is the interesting detail – the path of you last played game will be displayed on screen. Nice thing to visualize and really not hard to implement. It is somehow a more static version of that trail of the Feist-character. […]