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I have never seen any homebrew application that was more straightforward than Bookr. It’s an application for reading pdf-files with the PSP on the go. To get things running just copy the application files into the root of your application folder via USB, copy the pdf files too, and you’re done!

Bookr supports pdf files and plain text files. You can zoom the contents, flip the pages and browse embedded pictures – everything is rendered very accurate – and it saves bookmarks. Reading eBooks on the PSP was never easier. The app itself has a very nice and functional eye-candy interface, where you can tweak and customize to the most important and usable features. Easy, robust, comfortable and stable. Nothing more, nothing less. Very balaced work. Unfortunatelly they have no website yet. The download is located at Sourceforge.

The application was made by written by Carlos Carrasco Martinez and Edward Choh, they used for the implementation a thing called mupdf.

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  1. Milton Rubin said:

    For some reason I can’t get it to work. I copied the files into the game file on the PSP. When I go to the game-mem stick and click on the bookr icon, I get the message. The game cannot be started the data is corrupted. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Well, it depends. Thre could be a lot of reasons, because you are dealing with homebrewed software here. First of all check your firmware version of the PSP. The most compatible firmware version to homebrew is V1.5. How to downgrade or make homebrew run on other PSP can be found here: or here

  3. T said:

    You should aim to make this homebrew compatible with custom firmware on psp. anyone who has 1.5 now has custom firmware, it will increase your consumer base

  4. Hello T.

    This app isn’t written by me, so I don’t have any influence on the outcome. I don’t know about the most recent PSP firmware, but I suppose, that this firmware does not allow to run homebrew on it.

  5. Andy said:

    Tested the PDF application, worked in firmware 3.71M33, nice application!

  6. anonymous... said:

    this application works… but for some reason .pdf files with high def. images doesn’t work on it properly at least on my psp~_~ what should i do?_? any suggestions?_?

  7. I don’t know and haven’t tried, but maybe the pdf-file is too big for the working memory? Why not try to chop the file into small pieced or to get some “downsized” versions of the pdf with less resolution pictures. Hope that helps a little bit.

  8. Weaver said:

    Damn but it doesn’t work on 4.05.

  9. Anonymous said:

    dark Alex isnt making a 4.05 m33 so i assume you are using official firmware. you need to have custom firmware, from 4.05 the only way you can get it is with a pandora’s battery and magic memory stick. its not hard to make, just youtube it.

  10. kyle said:

    um i have 5.00m33 and it works for me because i have a phat psp with 1.5 kernel support

  11. here you can find a software that converts pdf files to jpeg: . So you can put them into your PSP’s picture folder and view them.

  12. Beck nas said:

    i have version 3.50 and i really want this bookr to work, do i need to downgrade, cuz that means i have to get that lumines game and its a huge hassel, and i dont even use my psp often, in fact i havnt touched it in a year. Do u think its worth downgrading, or should i just leave it and forget bookr?

  13. Well, I am lately a little bit out of touch with PSP homebrew. But I think the decision, whether to downgrade or not, is much like a question, if you want to get deeper into self-written and homebrewed stuff or not. Having an old firmware sometimes creates issues with recent games, that are not able to play and requires upgrade of firmware again.

  14. Hespeler said:

    I have custom M33 5.00 firmware running on my psp slim (that means I dont need the kernel thing right?) and I put bookr in game. It shows up on the memory stick where it should beside game but when I click on it it starts then says “the game could nto be started”. I tryed putting it in a folder named GAME5XX but it did that same thing. Any help?

  15. Does not work in firmware 5.03

    Is there an update to Bookr?

  16. Martin Wisniowski said:

    @Jade: I don’t think so. Right at the moment, the latest version available is from Aug 15, 2006. I think they are compatible with 1.50 and 3.xx firmware.

    But, there should be ways to downgrade, if you are interested. Keep on searching the web!

  17. hakan said:

    I’ve just bought my PSP it came w/ firmware 5.03 please HELP !! sniff sniff

  18. adeRN said:

    i hope bookr will have “find word” function…

  19. wickedcoma said:

    Works well on firmware 5.00 M33-6. If I’m reading the app menu correctly, it only has a working memory of 1.3mb. Because of this, it appears that it cannot load larger graphic-intensive PDFs. I tried to launch the Watchmen comic, and it failed. I also tried to open a Visio diagram that I had converted to PDF…same result. Works well for standard text-based PDFs though. I was able to load a 400-page chm file as well. I hope they find a way to boost it’s performance enough to open more graphic-based files. Still a great app!

  20. dbone said:

    here’s a link to a modded version of bookr 7.1 that runs on firmware 5.00 m33-4 confirmed. enjoy!

  21. ionchan said:

    hi, i’m new to this too but after reading the descrip. i knew i just had to had bookr XD it’s awesome!
    now, i was having troubles with it until i used that modded version. it didn’t work at first but after changing the file folder name and only using one of the folders (since there’s two folders in the rar file, keeping the latter one) it started to work! i’m not sure which one is the solution but yah~
    oh yah, my psp is firmware 5.00 M33-6 and the app rocks! now i can read all i want with BOOKMARKS! and not have to keep skimming to the last read page ^”^

  22. Andy Answers said:

    This software is soo outdated! I can’t imagine why anybody would downgrade from firmware 5.01 to 1.5 only to read PDF files. Is there any other newer solution?

  23. 020200 said:

    Hello Andy.

    Please go and read a little bot more about “homebrew on the PSP”. Then you will understand it better.

  24. Davie said:

    Awsome app. works perfect on Gen 5.50 D2

  25. CriogeniCz said:

    Hmm…works on some smaller files…But hangs when I load up 20mb+ files? Uhh where exactly should I put the pdf fileS???? Mine is CFW 5.00m33-6

  26. chykes said:

    Kindly check the net for the bookr v8.1

    It’s much better. It can even read djvu files.

  27. Elliott said:

    I’ve downloaded games onto my PSP’s memory stick and they worked with firmwares from (I think) 2.01 through 5.03, so why can’t Bookr be written to work on the official firmwares too?
    I want to use Bookr but I can’t afford to get the supplies for changing to custom. And if I did, what about games that may require 5.03 or higher official firmware? How long does it take to change back?

  28. 020200 said:

    Well, I am not on the latest developments, but for me works the following: I’ve downgraded to 1.50 (a longer time ago). If I want to play games, that require a later firmware – there are also tools, that can emulate later firmware, just without upgrading the PSP itself.

    But be sure, that there is no warranty. All this stuff can “brick” your PSP after all. Also it will take some hours, until everything works like a chars. Well, after all.. why can’t we read .pdfs on the PSP by default, Sony??

  29. Eagleknight said:

    i have a psp 3000 with 5.03 version but bookr in not working my psp cant even read the file. please help

  30. 020200 said:

    Hello Eagleknight,

    you will definitely more endurance to get this this running on your device. Please read the article and the comments carefully. Bookr doesn’t run an all firmwares. Downgrading can be difficult, but also fun, too. To it on your own risk.

  31. Daniel Iwö said:

    I’ve a psp 300 running 5.3 ChickHEN R2 (using M33-6).
    I use Bookr 8.2 and it works fine.

    Although some pdf files don’t run on Bookr and some run, I still didn’t find out what is the problem and the difference on those pdf’s since the size or resolution don’t seem to be the problem. I’ve some samples from each pdf that works and doesn’t work on Bookr, although I didn’t find the cause of the problem.

  32. kimsour said:

    hi, i have a psp slim 4.05, i would like to read the pdf file,
    can anyone help me
    thang you

  33. darkskai said:

    hi.. i have a 5.03 prometheus system software… how can i download bookr?

  34. P. said:

    When I tried to open a book it just turned off and the hack got fucked so I had to hack it again. Best part is that I’ve tried over 100 times and ChickHEN won’t load.

  35. EdGe said:

    I downloaded and installed this on my 5.50 Gen D3 PSP. Then I tried to load a PDF file of a novel that I was trying to read. It loads it up just fine. But the thing is it does not load the first few lines of every page. I don’t know what the reason is. I also tried to resize and set the options but it nothing seems to work. I also tried to zoom out but I still got the same result. I wonder what’s wrong?

  36. Nikos said:

    the above modded version works fine in my psp 2000 with 5.50 prome-4 firmware, put the folder bookr to x>psp>game and run from games.

  37. Reboundofapsp said:

    Sourceforge hacked my psp, broke it, and I only fixed it by deleting the BOOKR of my psp. It made all my folders read- only, so no Music, apps or Games could be transfered.

    Use Mediafire ;) works fine with that. Or indeed Megaupload

    ;) bye bye

  38. faawefasf said:

    yes that download link from megaupload works with my psp-1000 5.50 GEN-D3

    very smexy

  39. nimer said:

    sh!t man
    all pdf files are working except my asterix comics