I must confess, that I really love the works from Jodi. The recent works are hacks on Blogger. They put visual glitch into the blogs. It could be just a matter of time that they will be deleted, because they could be identified as spam. Three of the blog hacks are the moment “blocked” and maybe the others will follow. Administrators know it better making the art from Jodi an ephemeral form of art. I like the works from Jodi, because they show that we are using computers and software in only one or some ways out of millions. The digital things right in front can also have very unusual misuses and outcomes.

Something similar might be the Otawa ASCII-Game. It is a hard-rocking game with a far, far away style. It emulates games made in ASCII-consoles back in the days with all the clumsy movements and the stange gameplay. The black chars and white canvas put up a special mood served with outer space sounds. In fact they don’t really use ASCII I guess, because the game looks very different without the japaneese charset installed. But it’s still playable. Have a play and compare with the gameplay video.

Otawa ASCII-Game [via]

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  1. Sugar Ray said:

    cool! better than morning coffee