The Gearhead Garage Adventure is an mixture of repair- and race game. You play a guy, who has great abilities in repairing cars, but not so much in driving them. So in parts this is a “repairing game”, some sort of mini-games, that let you put together and polish different parts of the car. Other sections of this game includes driving and exploring action. Look, feel, graphics and style look very, very promising. The game was made for the GBA, but was unfortunately never published, due to cartridge prices back in 2006. But you can cheer up, because there is a demo-GBA-file available on the website.

The game was made by Ratloop, who also are responsible for Mightier. It seems to me, that really Ratloop got distinct out-of-the-ordinary thinking abilities. Thank you guys at Tiny Cartridge so much for digging this content.

Blog - Date published: February 17, 2009 | 0 Comments

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