There are kind of demos, that are even in the demoscene very unappreciated: so called demos in “Text Mode“. Text Mode demos are derived from ASCII-art that went through mailboxes. As ASCII-art developed from building simple scenes to “simulating” graphics with ASCII also animations were build.

Picture from Wikipedia

It is very amazing to see virtual worlds and videoclips with great 3D-effects made just with colored texts and is in fact a special form of computer-based art, best described as animated ASCII art. The website TMDC (literally for Text Mode Demo Contest!) features a competition every year and they make it for ten years now. The prices last year were not that spectacular, but they are searching for new sponsors! There is also a 5 Minutes interview with Jari Komppa available who manages this competition. The TMDC X will be from 11.11.2007 – 12.12.2007.

Screenshot from Devious by Traction

For a better future I would want more awareness and better prices for Text Mode demo, that are jewels of computer-based art made within nice constrains, unveiling real demoscene power. The complete archive of the Text Mode Demo Contest is available on

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