ToneMatrix: This pattern makes a perfect ringtone.

Flash-Audio guru Andre Michelle, the very creator of the Hobnox-audiotools, made a new soundtoy! The ToneMatrix is a simple sinewave-synth, that is visually and conceptional similar to the Tenori-On or the Monome.

I just managed to make some great ringtone-like loops, that fitted perfectly into the ambient-music that was playing here. Smoothing and inspiring. Well designed. Definitely worth a try.

Blog - Date published: April 6, 2009 | 8 Comments

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  1. […] Digital Tools just posted about the newest musical project from Andre Michelle called the ToneMatrix. The ToneMatrix is an incredibly simple audio sequencer that makes use of illuminating squares and the result is even more addicting to play with than the Hobnox Audiotool which Andre also created a few years ago. […]

  2. the amazing thing about this is, that somehow it’s impossible to make something that sounds completely disharmonic or crappy… well done!

  3. […] said “Hello” via E-Mail, just after spotting posting on the ToneMatrix-synth here on this blog. He is also in programming audio-visual systems. Andrew is into Processing […]

  4. sergiogois said:

    Yeah Tone matrix is incredible! If you like tone matrix you will also love the new application for the iphone Melodica which is similar but on the iphone, search on youtube for Melodica iphone to see it in action. I love to compose tunes with my iphone now!

  5. LoftLab said:

    If you like ToneMatrix, then you’re going to love the free app TonePad on the iPhone/iPod touch!

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  8. […] one” music tools, combing current trends of mobile- and webbased music-creation like “ToneMatrix” or “Korg DS-10″ with a crisp classic tone-generation. […]