<a href="http://8bitoperators.bandcamp.com/album/wanna-hld-yr-handheld-vol-1">8-Bit Operators “Tomorrow Never Knows Megamix” by 8-Bit Operators</a>

Chip everything, chip the world! Not long ago, we had with Da Chip the ultimate collection of Daft Punk tracks in chipmusic-style. And today we present “Wanna hld yr Hendheld Vol.1“. A collection of Beatles-tracks, that got chippyfied by famous artists like Anamanaguchi, Glomag, Goto80 or Psilodump. It took over two years in the making, and some of the sounds compiled there are phenomenal. Both from the uniqueness of sounds, as well as from the composition. This tracks are more, than just “Beatles played on chip”. Worth trying!


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