If you are into techno-music, than you will like this two releases.

Mango Aioli presents free techno music on X

This is X from the uprising techno DJ and producer Mango Aioli. It’s a compilation of free techno music, licensed under Creative Commons. The tracks on this album are free floating and compiled in a very consistent way. Some real burners are on this compilation as well, opening huge rooms of pure sound and solid drive. Don’t miss that experience. Go to the compilation-site or download .zip (155 MB).

Zimmer Records 054: Doryk – Destructive Material

Much more dry is the recent release on Zimmer-Records “Doryk – Destructive Material“. Hard techno music for people who like pure sonic waved. Just try it – it is free music as well.

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  1. Techno Music said:

    Good stuff. The more open source copyleft music out there the better. I’m thinking of doing this at my site too.