I discovered this “chip”music-collection with the funny name “Trikitraki” this week at True Chip Till Death and listened to it many, many times. But still have a hard time to tell, if this is just genious or pure silly. All tunes were made with VST-Plugins and “real” Software instruments (no real chipmusic-equipment): “It can be considerated FAKECHIP sound. It’s basically tiny synth-waves and VST instruments, such as ymVST, magical8bit, medusa, casio vl-tone and tons of samples.“.

Basically I like really like the sound and idea of just mashing up VST with chipmusic production style. Results in cool and lil bit unusual sounds. The tracks itself hmmm… oscillate between sonic mastership and arranged boredom. With some good moments, and some naive sounding parts. At least an interesting records. Do yourself a favour and listen to this. It’s a free download (.zip) in the end.

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  1. ui said:

    woah!… really thx for the review :D – hope enjoy the “album”. I’m glad to read this review and to hear you enjoy it. Greetings