What is Smoove?

Smoove is a pixel, tile and sprite-editor for the Sony PSP equipped with Lua.
You can read, write and edit .PNG-Files.


for more screenshots scroll down


- Pixeleditor
- Zoomedit
- Animationeditor
- Flexible Framesize
- Copy buffer
- Open Files (.PNG)
- Save Files (.PNG)
- Create tiles, sprites and pixelartworks
- Creates grafic files compatible to classic 2d games. Instantly ready to use as sprite and tile maps in any gameproject.


- Sony PSP (with firmware hack)
- Luaplayer V0.16 (tested) or higher (there are still some unfixed issues with luaplayer V0.20)


made by
Martin Wisniowski (020200) build upon HSV by e-ma.

You are developer? Got further development on smoove? Then let me know!! mw*at*node3000.de

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