Download Smoove

Version V0.92

download Smoove V0.92 - compatible to Luaplayer V0.16

Version History

V0.92 Martin Wisniowski(020200):
- usb connect
- changes at settiles
- added info urls

V0.91 Martin Wisniowski(020200)
- quick load was replaced by quick save (keys L+R)
- battery loading state at animation menu
- enhanced datastructure (folder structure)
- changed icon.png
- minor bugfixes

V0.9 Initial release by Martin Wisniowski (020200)
known bugs:
Bug at settiles-selection

Download earlier Versions

download Smoove V0.91 - compatible to Luaplayer V0.16
download Smoove V0.9 - compatible to Luaplayer V0.16

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