The popular open-source shooter “rRootage” from Kenta Cho was ported to iPhone / iPod Touch already in 2008 by Lazrhog (but seems to be unavailable again). Today a new version of this game was released by another developer: Fraglab. The recent version is fully iOS4 compatible and takes full advantage of the simple multitouch-controls to steer the ship, got music, sound effects, online scoreboards and adds various new gameplay-modes. Get the free game here. (via)

This port of rRootage is once again a double-plus, because there still is really a lack of decent 2d-shooters on the iPhone (big hint to all developers!).

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  1. Johns said:

    “lack of decent 2d-shooters on the iPhone”

    Have you looked? Espgaluda 2 FFS!!!!!!! Doesn’t get much better than that.
    Space Invaders Infinity too, Space Deadbeef, Bit Pilot.

    If anything the iPhone has a better selection than most, I really wish the DS had that many.

  2. 020200 said:

    Well, thanks for the hints. Most of the titles really didn’t jump at me directly. “Espgaluda 2″ I didn’t knew until now. More the things I like with excessive bullets stuff.

    Did you try Nanostray on the DS?

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