Flee is a neat game for Android-devices, that I want to call the “most complete LCD-handheld emulating game” that probably ever was. You use the touch-display to control a LCD-Handheld game. There is almost nothing to report about the gameplay itself, if you are familiar with this kind of games. But something to highlight is the focus on details, that try to mimic the “hardware-feeling” as much as possible. Like the video above shows, they even simulated dirt on the “plastic case”, that you can wipe and clean again, if it gets too dirty. Really refreshing point-of-view on software-handheld gaming! Also have a look at the website of the creators Frugal Games.

Games - Date published: November 2, 2010 | 3 Comments

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  1. Frank said:

    Very nice game. Bought it and immediately got hooked up with that retroish gameplay and the cozy soundtrack.

  2. […] Fazit: Spielerisch ist Flee nicht mehr zeitgemäß und kann in keinerlei Hinsicht mit “echten” Rennspiel-Apps auf Android, wie etwa Reckless Racing oder Asphalt mithalten. Das muss es aber auch nicht. Flee zielt auf den Retro-Effekt und macht das ganz hervorragend. Dieses Spiel ist bestens geeignet, um in einer Cocktail-Lounge den verblüfften Altersgenossen vorgeführt zu werden und ein gemeinsames in-Erinnerungen-schwelgen zu provozieren. Wofür sitzt man schließlich sonst mit Altersgenossen in Cocktail-Lounges? [via 020200] […]

  3. Brice Morrison said:

    Really great game — I love this concept of emulating older experiences. Very similar to Megaman 9.

    Very interesting blog. Keep up the good work!