I want to highlight the recent works from Ishac Bertran. It seems, that he wants to find new aspects in glitches, combining glitch with different materials. Lately he was experimenting with a damaged flatscreen from the trash. Now he jumped into “Generative Photography“. It’s a mixture of fast-paced animations, that create “glitches” by photographing them.

“Digital drawings are sequentially projected on to a screen in a dark room and photographed using long exposure times. As in generative art, this photography technique uses an algorithm that is polluted with a certain randomness. The randomness comes from rendering imperfections and the asynchrony between the frame rate of the video signal and the refresh rate of the projector.”

Interesting works! There is also a long picture-thread with explanations in Ishac’s blog.

Research and Theory - Date published: March 20, 2011 | Comments Off

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