A beautiful view over the river Rhine in Cologne

ASCII Street View is a wonderful mashup-application, featuring Google StreetView, WebGL and a Image to ASCII-renderer. You can go along with Street View and enjoy city-panoramas rendered in ASCII. Beatuiful stuff for digital nerds. A little bit, like landscape-painting 2.0. The project was made by Peter Nitsch. You can read more about it at Teehan and Lax.

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Making use of the camera, another more or less useful art-application was released. This time for the iPhone, transforming camera-shots or pictures from the library into zoomable ASCII-pictures. Next up you can send them via mail, Facebook, Twitter or save them back to your library them. The overall design if very lovely. Video:


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Peter Nitsch build another interesting video to text application. ASCIImeo is, like the name implies, a portal, where you can watch Vimeo-videos in ASCII-format. A really strange mixture of high-tech and lo-tech. Check out for example Flight404’s Magnetophere/Nebula in ASCII-video.

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Safari messes things up a little bit

I think it’s about font-width

Unexpected ways to use Twitter are always cool. And it seems, that a small group of people are doing graffiti-styled Twitter-explorations. Just check 140ARTIST at Twitter, look that the site Things are bottom up, that’s why everyone can contribute to this form of textart, by using the searchterm #140art or #twitterart at Twitter.

Update: Twingdings can come in handy…

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I just stumbled across ASCII pOrtal. An “Portal”-inspired ASCII game, but I bet, that Portal inspired ASCII-game would fit much, much more. The 2D-game is a puzzle game, that is available for download on the CymonsGames-site. Via Superlevel I also detected an interview with the creator. Check it out here.

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I just found this one, looks pretty nice: Morph by Skylined. It’s an ASCII-animation in the browser, using JavaScript to animate the contents. On that occasion I found some interesting things on that site. For example this cracktro-remakes in Flash. Ready to watch in the browser, too! Uh, holy… There is a complete site dedicated to Flashtros!

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I think many of you still remember the “Million Dollar Homepage“, where some clever guy made a webpage, consisting basically and of a graphic, consisting of one million pixels. He sold the whole thing on a pixel-based basis and made a million bucks in total.

Well, history is repeating. Sort of – in other form. Some other guy now started the same concept, but for ASCII characters. It’s just the same principle, but with ASCII/ASCII-art (not ANSI!)… The site is still fresh, but it seems to work well until now. Wu Zhe, running the site, says, that he wants to finance his startup with the million he made with this site. It went online only 5 days ago, but he already has some sales. He writes in his blog:

I can’t believe I got my first sale only 6 hours after this site went online, though it’s only one character. Guess which char it is, it’s an “@”!

Go to the ASCII Million Dollar page.

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