A group called Plan-K-Troniks made a wicked upgrade on the Gakken SX-150. The “Plama Gakken” uses a stylo on a plasma-screen to generate sound. Didn’t I promised you, that this amazing instrument will get bend? Thumbs up for the very organic feel of that one, it’s like “Get below the surface, find the Plasma Gakken and solve the riddle to get a secret scroll“. Thumbs down for… well, it sounds like a Geiger counter!

For the people who want to order one SX-150. The colleagues from the Makezine have some of them in stock.

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Please hold your popcorn: “The Gakken SX-150 is a little analog synthesizer kit that came packaged in a recent issue of a Japanese DIY science magazine.” Awesome, isn’t it?

It has got not that much features, but it is pretty ready to get bend. The parameters are quite standard for some analogue device, with LFO, cutoff, resonance etc. Instead of a mini-keyboard, it has got a ribbon-controller to create legato sounds and things like that. You also have the ability to let music and other sounds run through that device, in order to manipulate the sounds. The build in speaker will be your friend.

The sound seem to be pretty fat. Just take this demonstration to remove any last questions:

Here with a selfmade sequencer controller.

Where can I buy this genius magazine in Germany? (via)


If you have enough of all this bending and messing around, than it’s time for a walk outside. Since the winter season is about to start, I highly recommend getting yourself a warm cap. Like this Megaman-Cap. If you can’t buy it, you have to make it yourself. The good advice: Hey designers, please support us with more small scale shops equipped with your lovely stuff.


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